Business Car Hire

A method of hiring a car on a long term basis. This is only available to businesses registered for VAT and comes with some attractive tax refund benefits.

We offer a wide range of manufacturers for your business car hire from Mercedes Benz to Volkswagen. If you have a desired specification this can be ordered to suit your requirements.

Hireway want to help you find the perfect new car or van at a reasonable price, without the worry of depreciation. That’s why we offer the business car hire option.

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Business Car Hire

Simple Business Car Hire

Jobs and projects have a lot of different parts to consider when organising. Making sure everything comes in on budget and being quick and efficient isn’t always easy to do. That’s why we want to make the process of hiring from us as simple as possible! We keep our rental options nice and simple with only three options to choose from, each covering the main situations you’ll be faced with when hiring a car.

Below you’ll find a quick description of our Fixed ArrangementFlexible Rental and Daily Rental packages. If you would like more information or some advice about a particular package, please feel free to call us on 08000 778 208 or email us and one of our operators will be more than happy to assist!

Fixed Arrangement

You know what you want and how long you think you want it for; the fixed arrangement provides the same advantages as flexible rental but with flexible return options that are less arduous or costly as traditional contract hire or finance leasing. This enables you to take advantage of a lower cost over a predictive period with less risk if things don’t go as planned!

Flexible Rental

The flexible rental option is the best method of using long term cars without the risk or hassle of a fixed rental period.

This route allows you to use your car, your way, with the option to add supporting equipment and specification such as livery, tow bar, beacon and more.

Daily Rental

If you need to mobilise contracts quickly, or simply need a car for a few days, then the daily rental option is your best choice. We deliver immaculate cars to where you are, when you want them.

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